farewell dinner in little saigon, san jose.home to the largest vietnamese popu…

farewell dinner in little saigon, san jose.
home to the largest vietnamese population outside of vietnam
this is where you can dine most authentically, if you don’t reside in the land of the dragon itself.
so our good friend cam chose this place to get us hooked to her native cuisine then and
to send us off acordingly now. and boy, it was a feast!
– seven courses of beef
– seven courses of fish
– and a whole catfish

with all-fresh and deliciously balanced ingedients the meal lasts the whole evening
as it is all about “make your own rice paper rolls”.

i miss vietnamese food so much right now. 
time to get out my rice paper water bowl 
and raid all asia shops and the internet for the right recipes and ingredients!

p.s.: sorry, not sorry. i’ll never learn to make nice pics BEFORE throwing myself at the food. 
priorities, man.

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